Mom Launches Kickstarter to Make Empowering STEM-Inspired Dresses for Girls

"Annie The Brave dresses will remind girls everywhere that they are strong, capable, brave, and can absolutely turn their wildest dreams into reality." - Parents

Annie the Brave: STEM-Inspired Dresses for Aspiring Little Scientists

"Annie the Brave wants to get young girls excited about STEM by creating more options when it comes to clothing and science—STEM certainly doesn’t have to be exclusive to boys!" - New York Family

Annie The Brave's STEM-Inspired Dresses Are Designed For Aspiring Astronauts, Scientists, & Marine Biologists

"Too often, clothing with fun science or sports motifs are geared toward boys. So what's a girl to do when she loves those things, but also loves wearing twirly dresses with pops of pink and purple? That's exactly where Annie the Brave comes in." - Romper