Dinosaur Play Dress


Our Dinosaur Play Dress is here. A dress for rawrsome, dinosaur-loving girls!

Basically every dress sold in a big box store features:

  • Rainbows
  • Unicorns
  • Flowers
  • Princesses
  • Butterflies

Sure, our girls like those things but that's not all they like.

It's great that society is finally catching onto the idea that girls can love dinosaurs too. We're seeing a few more dinosaur pajamas and leggings but what about the dresses?

Wouldn't it be great to have a pink, twirl-worthy dress with dinosaurs on it? 

Our dresses are consciously made to encourage girls to explore their interests in STEM. A girls closet should reflect all of her interests so that she knows she can be anything she wants.

Meet our Dinosaur Play Dress

Dinosaurs are a favorite among all kids, not just boys. Why not have a dress that shows off a t-rex with a hair bow or a longneck with a flower crown? That's exactly what we've created with our dino dress. Some girls dream of digging for fossils and discovering more about the Jurrasic, this dress is for them. 

This play dress is a 100% cotton short sleeve dress. It's really soft making them not just the cutest in the closet but also the comfiest.

What people are saying about our dresses:

"Best quality I've seen in kids clothes ever! Worth every penny."

"It’s very well made, cute and comfortable, and we love the pattern and print. Thank you! We will be buying more for sure."

Made ethically in China. 

Note: our sizing chart has changed. Our dresses now run true to size. Please review our sizing recommendations here before ordering.

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